Aldo Manuzio. Il rinascimento di Venezia

Aldo Manuzio. Il rinascimento di Venezia.
Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venezia
19 March-19 June 2016

In the 1500s there lived a man whose work and ingenuity brought about a revolution just as far-reaching as that of Steve Jobs in technology and communications: Aldus Manutius.
His love of classical culture and books prompted him to create the modern “pocket book” concept: books consequently moved out of the circles of professional scholars and multiplied to enter people’s everyday lives. This work of publishing classics in pocket book format was accompanied by impeccable philology and highly innovative design for the times, in terms of format and typefaces alike. With the advent of Manutius, the concept of Culture changed radically to become more widely available to everyone. We are delighted to welcome you to this exhibition focusing on the gift of books, to which Fabriano has decided to make a practical contribution: the Paper and Ink and Paper and Yarn workshops.
And  FEDRIGONI Symbol Tatami paper used to print the images of the works of art to create a catalogue that will help preserve the documentary corpus of the exhibition over time
The objective of providing a key to understanding especially for younger visitors, Fabriano has created a booklet that will be distributed to all children attending the exhibition which they can read and colour thanks to illustrations inspired by some of the extraordinary plates in Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.
Paper and Ink
Saturday 7 and Sunday 8, May Saturday 28 and Sunday 29, May h 11 am, 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm
Printing workshop coordinated by Fabriano Duration: 90′ approx. For families with children aged between 6 and 12 years A workshop for adults and children keen to discover the art of letterpress printing at first hand. The event ensures personal experience of the process through its various stages: composition, inking, printing (with a small ‘proofing press’) and finally folding the paper to transform the printed sheet into an object-book. Participants will use wooden typefaces, playing with the letters and imaginary figures to compose again and again an original ‘map’ inspired by Hypnerotomachia Poliphili – small typographical universes that can be experienced in various ways depending on the folding.
Paper and Thread
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15, May Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 , May h 11 am, 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm
Printing workshop coordinated by Fabriano duration: 90′ approx. For all visitors aged from 6 to 99 years Paper and Thread is a workshop aimed at families – but also for anyone interested in gleaning a little more knowledge of bookbinding. They will discover and learn how to create a book-notebook using simple sewing techniques that do not require special tools which can therefore be enjoyed at home with readily available materials. The “course” begins with folding the sheets and sewing the booklets through to the creation of a cardboard cover. The workshop envisages bookbinding tasks of more or less complexity depending on the age of participants. The aim is to bring people closer to an everyday object which has a fascinating history not only from a literary but also a material point of view, in combining craftsmanship and aesthetic research in continuous dialogue with the text.

We inform you that the courses are in Italian language.
For more info please contact or 0039 041.5200345