Exhibition – workshop VISUAL MAKING

30 March – 17 April 2016: the BASIC cultural venue in Milan will host the exhibition-workshop VISUAL MAKING. The event outlines the integration process between digital fabrication and craftsman printing techniques.
The aim is to demonstrate that even craft spheres, such as art prints, can be “digitally contaminated” to achieve innovative results. The paper chosen for this project is Fabriano Unica– an ideal media for all art printing techniques.
This “fusion” was researched and analysed by a group coordinated by Claude Marzotto and Daniela Lorenzini: Claude is a designer and illustrator, while Daniela is an expert in traditional printing techniques flanked by new digital technologies. Thanks to the input of their varied skills, matrices were developed and printed on various materials using: laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters and milling cutters. The entire graphics project explores the theme of “hand drawn” to emphasize the continuity between craftsmanship and cultural maker. A hand holding continually different tools is re-interpreted on each occasion through a different technique to create a series of original images conceived as visual tributes to elective masters.
In order to promote and share these results, the content of the exhibition is collected in an Open Source Instruction Manual, available in both a printed format using Fedrigoni 100% ecological paper (Freelife Cento and Woodstock) and a digital file that can be downloaded from the site.

The event will be included in Off-Show programme in Milan: and during the course of the event, Fedrigoni will organize exclusive evenings with designers, printers and users.