Market & industries

The high level of expertise allows Fabriano Security to cater for standard and customised solutions, in order to meet even the most demanding  product specifications. Special processing techniques and counterfeiting elements are blended together in order to obtain high-tech value security paper.


Fabriano Security closely cooperates with central banks, public institutions, paper-mills and security-paper printers throughout the world and is regarded as a benchmark in the security and  value paper field. Further to this, thanks to the long experience and the wide  range of products offered by Fedrigoni Group S.p.A.,  it is able to fulfill not only the needs of major public and private institutions worldwide, but  also to meet the requirements of those clients who need to distinguish their products in style and at the same time to protect them from counterfeiting. For this reason, we are able to develop ad-hoc projects that match our know-how  with the most sophisticated demands from the market, from artistic watermarks up to luxury packaging.


Research, development and Customer care are fundamental prerequisites in our business. The Fabriano Security team is engaged in developing customised solutions and new projects according to customers' needs. The partnerships we have successfully established over the years, along with our decade-long experience are further proof and confirmation of the success of our business model.

Quality system

Fabriano Security has always been fully aware of the fact that having a responsible behaviour which can be verified and which meets all economic, environmental, social and security expectations of all stakeholders involved, brings with it a competitive edge, but above all, it maximises reliability, credibility and image. For this reason too, the company is one of the few paper-mills in Europe authorised by the ECB to produce banknotes and security features viz. holograms and security threads for Euro banknote production.