Printing treatment

Special paper surface specifically studied for colour inkjet and toner personalisation.  
The surface is chemically treated, on both sides, making it ideal to get more vivid colours and high black density compared to not treated papers.

Inkjet treatment

In this way the document can be customized with personal details such as digital photo, machine readable characters and bar-coding thanks to the optimal resolution of the inkjet print. The ink is so strictly linked to paper structure that printed photos and texts  are still recognisable even after 12 hours of immersion in 50° C water and they are resistant to scratch as well. It is fully compatible with all other printing techniques and security features normally adopted for security papers.  This paper is particularly recommend for all personal ID documents: passports, ID cards, visas.

Toner grip

Surface treated paper to make it apt to laser print for security valuable documents.
The particular chemistry applied, improves the toner adhesion to the paper web bonding toner and fibres strictly together.This tie is so strong that laser printouts are resistant to folding, crumpling and to any other mechanical stress. Any attempt of tampering makes the security documents unusable as any action to modify the toner printed area results in an evident affected and scraped surface.As a guarantee against forgery, this paper is highly recommended for cheques, letter cheques and any document having a specific value.