About us

Fabriano Security offers a wide range of security features and value security paper  for security-printers and central banks. Fabriano Security belongs to Fedrigoni S.p.A. group, European leading manufacturer of special papers for packaging, luxury printing as well as for fine arts, school and office use.



It was around 1264 that master papermakers of Fabriano began their production. Three important innovations made Fabriano the cradle of the modern paper-making:    
- The watermarking of a single sheet
- The surface sizing with animal gelatine
- The invention of the water-powered pile-driver with multiple workheads to pulp rags.

During the centuries Fabriano provided the best surfaces on which common people wrote “history” and artists like Michelangelo and Raphael stressed out their artistical genius. Fabriano was able to link perfectly the expertise of he master papermarkers of yesterday with the up to date technologies of the moment, in order to offer, always, the best quality of paper. Today alongside the historical mills where hand-made paper is still produced, ultramodern industrial plants turn out paper for artistic, office and industrial uses, including paper for security and banknotes.


Paper mills

Fabriano (IT) and Salto (BR) Paper Mills - leaders in the production of security paper and banknotes - offers maximum guarantee against falsifications and counterfeiting. Fabriano, with its technologically advanced, complex and sophisticated production finishing and security systems is one of the very few paper mills to boast authorisation from the European Central Bank to produce paper for Euros - one of the world’s most complex, sophisticated banknotes. A know-how that dates back centuries, along with the latest technology, allows Fabriano to include anti-counterfeiting elements such as watermarks, security threads, tiny dots, pigments and sensitizing in the paper and apply on the surface further security features such as holographic foil and silk-screen stripe.

Located in São Paulo, the Salto's paper mill, is 98,000 m2, and even today, preserves the architecture and scenery present at its founding in the nineteenth century. In 1978, the company started the banknote paper manufacturing in Brazil - becoming the only producer of banknote paper in Latin America -, allowing the self-sufficiency of the country in the production of money. Since then, the technological advances introduced in the Brazilian mill allowed the production of other types of security solutions, such as high quality watermarks, holographic foils, threads, chemical reactions and others.


Security elements department

Adding value and security to a sheet of paper has always been one of the distinctive mark of our Security and department in Milan. With more than 80 years’ experience in the field and using specially developed technology, the plant produces anti-counterfeiting features such as security threads, holographic stripes and patches.

Converting department

Arconvert SpA. is a manufacturing company which primarily makes self-adhesive materials and products from an extensive range of papers and films specially designed for the label sector. The line of Securtack™ security products is the result of intense and continuous collaboration between the other companies in the Group: thus, such products are made using special papers from the Fedrigoni range, and Fabriano's Security papers. Available either as a self-adhesive or glued.