Fibers and corianders

Fibres or corianders are applied to the paper randomly or are arranged in bands following  a certain frequency. These anti-counterfeit elements can also be used in combination with each other and can vary in appearance according to their length and thickness. They can be coloured, iridescent, visible in the sunlight or to UV or IR rays only.


Fibres can be introduced in the pulp mixture or distributed immediately after the formation of the sheet of paper to better control the arrangement and frequency. These fibres are tiny pellets of  synthetic material coloured in bulk or in bands consisting in 2,3,or 4 hues. The colours may be visible or invisible to the eye, fluorescent or also in combination with each other.


Corianders are small round or hexagonal cellulose or synthetic discs that are directly introduced into the pulp mixture or are distributed according to a certain frequency and arrangement immediately after the formation of the sheet of paper. They can be coloured and visible against the light, or invisible and fluorescent, or iridescent to change colour and shine according to the angle of the light, or may be micro-engraved or even magnetic.