Security threads

Manufactured with polymeric material, they may be totally or partially coated with special metalised pigments that are sensitive to light, micro-prints to restore key-data or texts or even magnetised to hide information detectable to the eye only through special magnetic readers.


Magnetic thread

Ranging from simple magnetic properties to high sophisticated magnetic encodings, this feature provides to security thread a unique and reliable authentication track.

Holographic thread

Holographic features provide to security thread a wide range of security elements, at naked eye, when banknote is tilted, there are images changing and different colour effects; through specific tools can be detected security features dedicated to forensic authorities.

Fluorescent thread

Observing security thread, with U.V. light at 360 nm, fluorescent elements are visible, this feature can be combine with demetalized areas and magnetic encoding.

Color shifting

Tilting security thread, its surface changes colour, this effect can be achieved through different technologies.

Demetallized thread

Metallic surface of security thread can be customized through a chemical process providing a negative text and/or image visible through transmitted light.

Microprinted thread

Although very narrow security threads, texts and/or images can be micro-printed by fullfilling very strict tolerances.