Our Brands

Thanks to our experience, based on more than seven centuries, Fabriano Security includes the latest overt and covert security features with brands, among others, such as Sigma Watermark, Fusion, Janus, MAG3 and VISTA

Our Brands

The banknote substrate for the future
Fusion™ consist in a new kind of banknote paper: the usual cotton paper banknote is encapsulated between 2 film layers, in this way all the usual security features – watermark, security threads, foil, fluorescent fibres – can be kept with the same effectiveness. Moreover the mechanical resistance of Fusion is comparable to that of a polymer film but at the same time Fusion preserves the natural touch of a paper banknote.


Durable Natural Authentic. More resistant, more ecological, more flexible, more paper.
DnA is a special substrate applied on banknote papers that gives straightens and resistance to paper even in extreme environmental conditions.


Sigma™ WaterMark, the watermark into the watermark.
The latest generation of multitone, tridimensional and combined watermark for the most demanding security requirements. A marriage of more than two watermarks, a bridge between the state of art and up-to-date technology. Authenticity easily recognized by the man of the street. A combined watermark really impossible to counterfeit.

Sigma QRTM

Watermark or code? Both in one, the first watermark with coded information.
SigmaQR™ is a three level watermark to be realized on plain paper, cotton substrate. It reproduces a Data Matrix or a QR code, where the light and dark areas are realized during paper production applying the standard watermarking technology. SigmaQR™ is a code hiding a wide range of information quickly readable. Versatile feature in shape, dimension and position, readable also if overprinted. A code impossible to counterfeit with printing techniques.


Double holographic image, monolayered and overlapped, rich in details and security features, overt and covert. Striking views on the front and on the back for a peerless visual experience in reflected light on both sides. Single and highly detailed demetallized crossing pattern providing strong forgery resistance and enhancing the security level of holography in transmitted light. Full customization opportunities available. Suitable for integration with additional elements as Multilevel™, fluorescent registered patterns and machine-readable feature.

Mag3 TM

The latest generation of magnetic code
designed with a combination of different magnetic material layers. This new technology has multiple levels of decoding, ranging from the simple magnetic presence to a very complex combination of the different layers.

Holo secTM

Holography meets security features
Single holographic image with many hidden security features (i.e. micro images, nano-texts, kinetic effects, switch effects etc). Holosec provides a wide range of security features, tailor made for the most demanding requests. A combination of Multilevel™ demetallization and registered fluorescent features. Multilevel™ demetallization provides a customized solution to enhance the security level of holography.


HoloCLR™ is based on an innovative embedding process of specific Covert Laser Readable images into the holographic pattern with 100x higher resolution when compared to conventional origination techniques. HoloCLR™ is a unique machine-readable feature conceived for a wide range of conditions of use from offline verification handheld devices to high-speed sorting machines.Flexible and reliable, HoloCLR™ can be combined in full liberty with other holographic security features, Multilevel™ demetallization and registered fluorescence features. Whatever is the choice (thread, stripe or patch) HoloCLR™ is the machine-readable solution.


Controlled Demetallization
A security thread where different degrees of demetallization  are achieved, giving a watermark effect.


2 bands with different characteristics
A security thread split into two bands, one colour shifting and the other with negative text and Sisma magnetic code.


New colour effects, Shifting Colours & Text
The security features of Janus™ thread are visible with naked eye providing an easily recognizable system for the benefit of the public. Negative text on multiple colour shifting bands with innovative layouts. The layouts have parallel or diagonal coloured bands with colours that shift by changing the incidence of reflected light. Colours and text are perfectly at register, a strong counterfeit deterrent.
The security level can be strengthened, integrating other technologies available from Fabriano Securities, such as MAG3™ magnetic code and Multilevel™ demetallization, multi-fluorescence on front and back side.


Available either as a self-adhesive or glued. The Securtack™ products are ideal to protect any product which may be at risk of being counterfeited. They are used for postage stamps, revenue stamps, money seals, visas for passports, labels to protect the integrity and authenticity of a product and for making solutions tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Leonardo readerTM

Off line control, it permit the complete control of the TMC security thread characteristics at every stage of the banknote production process.

Arena readerTM

Off line control, it permit the complete control of the MAG3 TM security thread characteristics at every stage of the banknote production process.

TMC™ reader

An High-Speed sensor used specifically to read and verify the TMC™ magnetic code on High Speed sorting machines.