Security elements and readers

In addition to manufacturing highly technological papers, Fabriano Security produces and supplies security elements and optical readers, which are able to implement the most sophisticated technologies against counterfeiting of documents and value paper.

Security threads

Security threads represent very effective means of verification to the naked eye and include highly advanced technologies that allow their identification through special electro-magnetic readers. Their complex and sophisticated manufacturing system ensures high protection against counterfeiting.  Security threads are inserted into the paper during the most delicate production step  on the cylinder machine, when they pass  from the cylinder to the production  surface.  This complex phase in the production process,  will inhibit the reproduction of value papers outside specific industrial plants. These features exist in a wide range: magnetic, fluorescent,  in variable colours, demetalised, micro-printed and holographic ones. Fabriano Security boasts a number of important patents that cater for some of the finest anti-counterfeiting systems  available on the market.

Holograms and holographic patches

Patch format holograms or holographic bands represent security features that can be easily recognised by anyone, but that are impossible to be reproduced other than in highly technologically equipped plants. Holograms may contain a lot of and several pieces of complex optical information that may vary according to the angle of light. This intense visual effect makes it impossible to scan and photocopy both documents and value papers. Fabriano Security offers a wide range of customised holograms in various sizes, shapes and colours.

Reading systems

Fabriano Security caters for systems able to check and test features applied during production on value security papers and banknotes. These MMX detection/reading systems, facilitate automatic checking of magnetic elements of security threads and the correct arrangement as well as the proper insertion of the thread into the paper.