Fedrigoni at Drupa with three innovations

Fedrigoni presents this year’s three innovations, the result of the Group’s constant research, technological excellence, and capacity to innovate. In the last year alone, the Group invested Euro 32.5 million in R&D – over half of its profit from operations.

Fedrigoni now presents three innovations, one for each business sector, special papers:
Splendorlux – the collection of cast-coated high gloss papers and boards expands to 46 articles: new finishes, sizes, and colors designed specifically for the luxury packaging sector. The restyling renewed the colored paper range: careful selection of the trendiest shades led to the launching of new crossover colors, favorites in the fashion and beauty sectors. The range of Blacks and Metalized papers, with finishes such as Metal, Pearl, and Versus 2-color, plus the classic Reds, Blues, and Greys and the range of Whites, are perfect for coordinated uses, covers, cases, boxes, and shopping bags. The 11 lines in the Splendorlux collection make up one of the largest ranges of cast-coated papers and boards on the market.
Freelife – F for Forest, F for Freelife, F for Fedrigoni – the new collection of “smart” recycled papers, is the result of constant control over the environmental impact of our production processes: we use cellulose only from sustainably managed forests; reduce energy and water consumption; reduce atmospheric emissions; use recycled raw materials, and give preference to non-inked recycling, which involves less transport, less de-inking, and lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. We also present two new colours in the Freelife Vellum line and a wider range of grammage in the Freelife Cento (100% recycled) line.
Old Mill – Premium White is the new color in Old Mill, the line of papers and boards made of pure ecological ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) cellulose, certified FSC, felt-marked on both sides. Exclusive feel and good stiffness make this line an ideal support for elegant publications and prestigious libraries, as well as corporate publications such as brochures, annual reports and monographs.

Arconvert (and specifically the Manter brand, world leader in self-adhesive wine % spirits labels) presents Immaculate Papers, the new collection of coated self-adhesive papers. Designed to revolutionize labels for oil, balsamic vinegar, jar-packed food specialties, as well as packaging for high-end cosmetics, this line includes nine precious materials treated with an exclusive grease-proofing technology that permanently protects the label against grease and oil spots and keeps it from unsticking. 
A special plastic-free barrier treatment, added to the paper mix, repels even drops of oil that slide down the bottle neck and attack the sides of the label. Until now, producers (especially those of premium olive oil) solved this problem by using dark labels, on which spots are less obvious, or by applying a plastic film that protected the label only on the front. But now, this new method allows totally creative packaging, completely protects both the front and edges, and eliminates plastics bonded to the paper.
According to new EU rules, restaurants may no longer put unlabeled and unrefillable cruets or bottles of oil on tables: the label has therefore become a necessity. This innovation offers top brands of olive oil and balsamic vinegar the guarantee that labels will stay clean, and provides a qualitative association between elegant packaging and excellence of contents.

The Fabriano Security division presents “liquid crystal” threads in five different color-change combinations, and the “Vista” double hologram, the world’s maximum expression for this type of security product. The Fabriano Security division, part of Fedrigoni SpA, develops and manufactures security products for the banknote and passport market. Its products, security threads and holograms, comply with the extremely strict standards imposed by the European Central Bank. Fabriano Security is committed to continuous technological research in products and processes to develop innovative solutions. It is a top player on this extremely competitive market, and distributes its products on five continents. The brand has achieved success on the world’s largest markets, demonstrating its ability to transform ideas into new products and constantly create new opportunities. These technologies can be used to protect against counterfeiting in the luxury packing sector.